Breakout Session Materials

An Apple a Day: Daily Actioner Assessment within Asynchronous Video Instruction

Presenter: Amy Dye-Reeves (Auburn University)

Presentation (.pptx)

Artificial Intelligence in Information Literacy? The Green Critique

Presenter: Amber Dierking (Grand Valley State University)
- Presentation (.pptx)


Assessing College Students' Everyday Information Seeking: Implications for IL Instruction
Presenters: Stephanie Ward and Rachel Dineen (University of Northern Colorado)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Beyond Misinformation: Strategies and Tactics for Addressing the Growing and Pernicious Problem of the Misrepresentation and Misappropriation of Research
Presenter: Winn W. Wasson (Syracuse University)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Blueprint for Success(ful) Library Instruction: Blossoming New Relationships Across Campus
Presenter: Dan Chibnall and Priya Shenoy (Drake University)
- Presentation (Google Slides)    

Building a Shared Vision for Information Literacy in the General Education Curriculum
Presenters: Evan Kuehn, Jayde Rose and Brittany Poku (North Park University)

Changing Librarian Roles in the Emerging Digital and Open Education Landscape: An Environmental Scan Research Study
Presenter: Donna Harp Ziegenfuss (University of Utah)
- Presentation (.pptx)

ChatGPT in Higher Ed: Student Use, Misuse, and AI Literacy Interventions
Presenters: Marianne Myers and Shaun Peevsasser (Tulsa Community College)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Control Your Own Burn: Developing Personal or Programmatic Instruction Policies
Presenters: Anna White (Grand Valley State University) and Samantha Minnis (Grand Rapids Community College)
- Presentation (.pptx)

Counting Words: Harnessing Text Mining for Information Literacy Purposes
Presenter: Abigail Mann (Illinois Wesleyan University)
- Presentation (.pptx)

Cultivating an Inclusive Garden: DEI Engagement and Outreach on Display in Academic Libraries
Presenters: Alex Boris (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) and Amanda Breu (St. Cloud State University)
- Presentation (.pptx)
- Slido 1 (.pdf)

- Slido 2 (.pdf)
- Slido 3 (.pdf)   

Cultivating Engagement and Planting Seeds of Knowledge: Adapting IL Instruction for a Fun Flipped Classroom 
Breeann Austin and Allison Williams (California State University Channel Islands)
- Presentation (.pdf)

- Lesson Plan 1 (.pdf)
- Lesson Plan 2 (.pdf)

Cultivating Information Literacy Pedagogy with Student-Instructor Partnership
Presenters: Rachel Fundator and Clarence Maybee (Purdue University)

- Presentation (.pptx)       

Digging Deeper Into Evaluating Children's Literature: Cultivating Students' Critical Consciousness
Presenter: Kayleen Jones (University of Minnesota Duluth)
- Presentation (.pdf)
- Handout (.pdf)

Diversify the Forest: Applying the ACRL Framework Companion Documents to Information Literacy Program Assessment and Development
Presenter: Carl O. DiNardo (University of South Florida)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Embracing Failure: A Path to Growth and Learning in Libraries 
Presenters: Margarita Shawcross (University of Northern Colorado), Stacey Brown (Eckerd College) and Paloma Barraza (University of Minnesota)

Empowering Student Employees: Integrating Information Literacy with Practical Training

Presenters: Jacob Lackner, S. Paige Crowl and Alexandrea Kord (Oxford College of Emory University)

- Presentation (.pdf)

Empowering Students Wherever Learning Takes Place: On-demand East Asian Information Literacy Tutorials
Presenters: Qian Liu (University of California, Davis) and Yao Chen (University of Chicago)

Fertilizing the Social and Emotional Roots: Assessing Belonging, Confidence, and Connectedness in Academic Library Programming
Presenter: Kate Langan (Western Michigan University)
- Presentation (.pptx)

Fruitful Collaborations: Preparing Underserved High School Students for College and Beyond
Presenters: Janet Clarke, Christine Fena and Chris Kretz (Stony Brook University)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Generative AI: Teaching Students the Applications, Risks, Best Practices, and Alternatives
Presenters: Tracy Coyne and Frank Sweis (Northwestern University
- Presentation (.pdf)

- Resources (.pdf) 

Growing Critical Information Literacy in our General Education Program by Grounding Ourselves in an Ethic of Care  
Presenters: Perri Moreno and Catherine Baird (Montclair State University)

Growing Our Practice: Developing a mentorship and community-building program for instruction librarians

Presenters: Karleigh Riesen and Sarah Sahn (University of Alabama)

Growing the Canopy: Inosculation and Grafting Archival Projects to Create New Opportunities for Students and the Community  
Presenters: Ann Merryman and Laura Karas (University of South Carolina Upstate)
- Presentation (.pptx)

How We Created a Research Rubric Meant for Everyone: Making the Library and Its University Partners More Student-Ready

Presenter: Barbara Anderson (Roosevelt University)

"I Wish I Knew This Earlier!": A Qualitative Analysis of Student Instruction Feedback
Presenters: Faith Rusk, Melanie Smith and Zia Davidian (San Francisco State University) and Lizzy Borges (Boise State University)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Immersive Technology Needs Pedagogy   
Presenters: Hiva Kadivar and Hannah Rainey (North Carolina State University)
- Presentation (.pdf)  

Implementing UDL Using an Interactive Libwizard Tutorial to Reach the Needs of Community College Students
Presenter: Madeline Ruggiero (Queensborough Community College)
- Presentation (.pptx)

Information Ecosystems and Research Conversations: Rethinking Information Literacy in the Modern Media Landscape
Presenter: Sarah Morris (The Carter Center)

Layers of Instructional Outreach: Strategies for Grafting New Growth in the First Year of Liaison Librarianship
Presenters: Liana Bayne-Lin and Kathryn Eckler (James Madison University)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Let's ChatGPT: Incorporating Generative AI in Information Literacy Instruction
Presenter: Melissa Johnson (Southern Methodist University)
- Presentation (.pdf) 
- Worksheet (.docx)
- Prompts (.docx)

Old and New Growth: Augmenting library instruction with gamification
Presenters: Alexis Gomez (Dartmouth University) and Yolanda Hood (UMass Lowell)
- Presentation (.pptx)

Out on a Limb: Integrating Library Information Literacy Micro-courses in First-Year Courses
Presenters: Lorin Flores and Patricia Hernandez (Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Past the Aha!: Teaching for Serendipity in Primary Source Research  
Presenter: Jason Ezell (Miami University, Ohio)

Picture This: Mapping and Visualizing Research Strategies to Support Developing Researchers
Presenters: Amy Odwarka and Trevor Burrows (Eastern Illinois University)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Planting Breaths, Weeding Doubts: Restorative Practices and Contemplative Pedagogy for Classroom Practice and Teaching Library Research Skills
Presenter: Jean Boggs (Community College of Baltimore County)
- Presentation (.pdf)  

Planting Seeds for Graduate Student Success!: A Summer-Long Intensive to Support Dissertation Proposal Writing and Research
Presenters: Joe Buenker and Jessica Early (Arizona State University)

Reimagining Creativity-focused Library Instruction  
Presenter: Mark Dahlquist (Miami University)  

Re-imagining Information Literacy Curricular Integration: A faculty Information Literacy Fellows Collaboration Program

Presenter: Evelyn Ugwu-George (Curry College)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Seeding Success: Growing Information Literacy through Curriculum Integration
Presenters: Scott Shumate and Jenny Harris (Austin Peay State University)

Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Integrating Curriculum-Integrated Learning Outcome Development and Assessment with an Academic Review Process
Presenters: Chad Kahl, Heather Koopmans and Chris Worland (Temple University)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Sowing Seeds for Success: Equitable Grading in the Information Literacy Classroom

PresenterAlicia G. Vaandering (University of Rhode Island)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Sprouting Anew: Using Canvas to revitalize novice library instructor training  
Presenters: Alexander Deeke, Kirsten Feist, María Emerson and Piper Martin (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
- Presentation (.pptx)

Stepping into the old growth forest to appreciate a legacy of collaboration and outreach from Conference LOEX (1971-1981)
Presenter: Kelly Hangauer (University of Iowa)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Strengthening our Roots: Cultivating Belonging in the Library Instruction Classroom through an Inclusive Pedagogy Teacher Training Program
Presenter: Christine Mueller (Xavier University)
- Presentation (.pptx)

Sustainable Support for Dual Credit: Connecting High School Students with Your Library
Presenters: Yvonne Tran and Alena Manjuck (Nevada State University)
- Presentation (.pdf)  

Tackling the Nitty-Gritty in Teaching Search Strategies: A Visualized Approach from a Human Cognition Perspective
Presenter: Yuqi He (San Jose State University)
- Presentation (.pdf)      

Taking Control: Preparing Students for Information Realities Beyond the Classroom
Presenters: Amandajean F. Nolte and Angie Cox (University of Northern Iowa)
- Presentation (.pptx)

The Incarcerated One-Shot: Applying critical pedagogy to support information literacy skill development in higher education prison programs

Presenter: Rebecca Blunk (College of Southern Nevada)

Tilling the Soil: Reinvigorating Our Learning Objects Landscape
Presenter: Hailley Fargo (Northern Kentucky University)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Transplanting Cultural Capital and Community Cultural Wealth from the Education Field to the LIS Field: Harvesting Its Library Instruction Potential
Presenters: Emily Reed (Penn State, Harrisburg) and Brendan Johnson (Penn State, Abington)
- Presentation (.pdf)
- Padlet 1 (.pdf)
- Padlet 2 (.pdf)  

Unmasking the Hidden Curriculum: How It Negatively Impacts the One-Shot Model and First-Generation Low-Income Students
Presenters: Katie Albright (Otterbein University) and Don Simmons, Jr. (SUNY Westchester Community College)
- Presentation (.pptx)

Uprooting the Research Process: Partnering with First-Year Writing to Cultivate Critical Source Evaluation
Presenters: Jessica Rardin and Ashley Burchett (University of Wyoming)
- Presentation Folder (Google Drive)
- LibGuide

Using the "Humble Inquiry" Approach to Cultivate Flourishing Librarian-Learner Relationships
Presenters: Katie Odhner (Penn State, Abington) and Emily Reed (Penn State, Harrisburg)
- Presentation (.pdf)
- Jamboard Results (.pdf)

We Don't Take Summers Off: Nurturing Undergraduate Summer Research at a Liberal Arts College  
Presenter: Erin Sulla (Occidental College)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Weeds or Seeds? Finding Viewpoints and Voices on Social Media
Presenter: Linnea Minich (University of the South)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Workshop Simulation: Teaching graduate students how to read and critically consume systematic reviews

PresentersElizabeth A Sterner and Alissa Droog (Northern Illinois University)

- Presentation (.pdf)
- Handout (.docx)

You Can't Grow Carrots without Seeds: Developing and delivering an open, no-code data literacy course for undergraduates 

Presenter: Clayton Hayes (Kenyon College)
- Presentation (.pdf)
- Handout (.pdf)
- Repository (Github)

Your Story, My Story, Our Story: Collaborative Autoethnography for Librarians

Presenters: Dawn Cadogan, Stephen Maher and Brynne Campbell Rice (New York University)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Yes You Candy! Empowering Students on Academic Suspension through Differentiated Instruction
Presenters: Andrea Parton, Sierra Laddusaw, and Jason Byrd (University of Arkansas - Fort Smith)

You Got Transformative Learning in My Critical Pedagogy! Connecting Two Theoretical Perspectives to Inform Our Instructional Identities and Praxis
Presenter: Amanda Nichols Hess (Oakland University)