Breakout Session Materials

A Formula, Not a Recipe: Assessing Student Learning with an Flexible Rubric
Presenter: Anna White (Grand Valley State University)

A Murder and a Mansion: Using True Crime to Engage Living Learning Community Students in the Special Collections Library
Presenter: Sara McCaslin (Western Kentucky University)

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Activating the Information Literacy Imagination with Librarian Led First-Year Seminars
Presenters: Kelly Hangauer and Jenay Dougherty (University of Iowa)

Ask the Better Question: Using Bigfoot to Introduce Constructive Approaches to Authority
Presenter: Kate Wimer (George Fox University)
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- Handout (.pdf)

Bite-Sized Approaches to Effective Faculty Outreach
Presenters: Alena Manjuck and Yvonne Tran (Nevada State College)

Boost the Flavor Profile of your One-Shot with help from other Cooks!
Presenters: Kelly Delevan (Syracuse University) and Brie Baumert (Carleton College)

Brief Encounters and High-Quality Connections: Applying the Work of Connected Teaching to Library Instruction
PresenterJoanna Gadsby (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

- Presentation (.pdf)

Building Community: DIY Punk Strategies for Critical Information Literacy
Presenters: Kevin Adams (Alfred University) and Edward Gloor (University of Houston)

- Presentation (Google Slides)

Changing up the Framework Recipe - Team Teaching for a Refreshing Flavor
Presenters: Elizabeth Hollenback, Patricia Sotelo and Alison Young (South Texas College)
Presentation (.pdf)  

Cooking up Lifelong Literacy: Supporting Student Success through Extracurricular Workshops
Presenters: Andrea Pritt and Emily Mross (Penn State Harrisburg)

- Presentation (.pdf)

Creating a Values-Based Future: Reflection & Planning to Support the Creation of Sustainable Library Practices
Lizzy Borges (San Francisco State University) and Julia Maxwell (Rutgers University)

Creating Flexible and Nourishing Work Systems: Using Notion to "Librarian" More Humanely   
Presenters: Michele Santamaria and Kimberly Auger (Millersville University)

Creating Our Own Recipe: Supporting Instruction and Well-Being through a Mock-Teaching Program  
Presenters: Ariane Breton, Liz Waltman, and Tori Lieggi (Lycoming College)

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- Lesson Plan Template (.pdf)
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- Guided Feedback (.pdf)            

Culture Clash: Engaging Students from Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Groups and Backgrounds in Library One-Shot Instruction
Presenters: Melissa Gomis and Lorna Dawes (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

Design Justice and Information Literacy Instruction: Re-Centering Our Instructional Design
Presenter: Breanne Crumpton (Appalachian State University)
Presentation (.pdf)  

Don't Get Too Spicy: Effective Use of Humor in the Gen Z Classroom
Presenters: Sarah Lane and Alison Shea (Cornell University)

Presentation (.pdf)

Engaging Future Librarians: Developing a Curriculum to Support Library Training and Education Programs for High School Students 
Presenter: Elizabeth Kamper (Southern Illinois University Ewardsville)     

Engaging Students with Critical Conversations About Access and Description of Challenging Archival Collections
Presenters: Laura Hibbler and Chloe Gerson (Brandeis University)
Presentation (.pdf)  

Escape from Escape Room Doom: Efficient, Effective Orientation through Game Mechanics
Presenters: Jennifer AW Stubbs (Bradley University) and Edward Junhao Lim (University of Connecticut)
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Finding Our Voice and Our Values: Revitalizing Reference Services
Presenter: Emilia Marcyk (Michigan State University)
Presentation (Google Slides)
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Finding the Secret Ingredients for Librarian-Course Instructor Collaboration to Integrate Information Literacy into the Curriculum  
Presenters: Ashlynn Kogut and Sharon Matthews (Texas A&M University)
Presentation (.pdf)

Handout (.pdf)  

From Clicks to Concepts: Pedagogical Moves to Deepen Information Literacy Teaching and Learning   
Presenter: Jennifer Jarson (Penn State Lehigh Valley)
Presentation (Google Slides)  

From Garnish to Entrée: Centering BIPOC Students in Library Programming via High Impact Practices  
Presenter: Catherine Fonseca (West Virginia University)
Presentation (.pdf)  

From Team-Building to Team-Belonging: The Value of Reflective Practice in Library Work  
Presenters: Jasmine Woodson (Lehigh University)

"Get On the Truth Train": Faculty Perceptions of Misinformation and Disinformation in the Classroom and In the Disciplines
Presenters: Sarah Slaughter (University of Dubuque)
Presentation (.pptx)
Bibliography and Guide (.pdf)       

Getting to Know You: Learning About Our Student Populations
Presenters: Cynthia Rain Keller and Elizabeth Novosel (University of Colorado Boulder)

"I Don't Think Librarians Can Save Us:" Anxiety and Resilience in the Misinformation Crisis 
Presenters: Amber Willenborg and Robert Detmering (University of Louisville)

"I Just Want a Place to Cry": Advocating for Asian American Students Using a Participatory Design Process
Presenters: Cecelia Parks and Haley Gillilan (University of Virginia)
 - Presentation (.pdf)  

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Intentions: Working Together to Better Serve Our Community  
Presenters: Sara (SD) DeWaay and Jane Littlefield (Clackamas Community College)

Presentation (Google Slides)  

Information Has Value to Effect Change: Libraries Revitalizing High-Impact Engaged Learning Practices
Presenter: Alexandra Howard (University of Louisville)

King Sized Content in a Fun Sized Package: Developing Metaliteracy Microcourses for Campus-Wide Integration
Presenters: Amy James, Millicent Weber and Joseph Meyer (Baylor University)  

Leveraging Campus Partnerships: Developing and Promoting a Learning Module to Scaffold Students' Ability to Evaluate Online Sources
Presenters: Grace Liu and Amy Pajewski (West Chester University)
Session Materials (Google Docs)  

Mise en Place: The Secret Recipe for Instructional Videos
Presenter: Gary Arave (Indiana University Bloomington)

More Than a Sometimes Food: Turning Inclusive Instruction from an Occasional Treat to Part of Our Regular Teaching Diet  
Presenters: Eva Sclippa and Sam Zelick (UNC Wilmington)

Presentation (.pptx)

Observation for Growth Not Scrutiny: Designing an Observation Instrument to Improve Inclusivity and Accessibility in Instruction
Presenter: Eric Silberberg (Queens College, City University of New York)

One Size Does Not Fit All: Designing Customized Access Points for Engagement
Presenter: Diael Thomas (University of Pittsburgh)

Presentation (.pdf)  

Open Access First: De-Centering Library Subscriptions in Information Literacy Instruction
Presenter: Tim Dolan (Greenfield Community College)

Presentation (Google Slides)
- Presentation (Padlet)

Partner Up! Building Lasting Relationships with (the Right) Campus Stakeholders

Presenters: Christine Mook and Lauren Camarillo (Collin College)

Presenting Research as Curiosity through Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS)
Presenter: Kayla Birt Flegal (DePauw University)
Presentation (.pptx)  

Reflect and Connect: Creating an Online Teaching Challenge for Instruction Librarians
Presenter: Courtney Eger (Temple University)

Presentation (.pdf)

Refreshing Research Instruction: Improving Student-Centeredness through Reflective Teaching
PresenterTatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol (Millersville University)

Presentation (.pptx)

Served Fresh Daily: Welcoming Students with an On-Site, Asynchronous Library Tour  
Presenter: Adrienne Warner (University of New Mexico)

Presentation (.pptx)

Students Shape the Shelves: Student-Led Collection Development for Diversifying and Making Connections
Presenters: Kate Blinn, Jennifer Coval and Laura Surtees (Bryn Mawr College)
Presentation (.pptx)

Teaching Information Literacy in Untrusting Times: Prioritize Research for Understanding (not just Knowledge)
Presenter: Mark Lenker (University of Nevada Las Vegas)
Presentation (.pdf)  

Tending to Our Roots: Collective Care, Crip Time, and Disability in the Library Classroom
Presenters: Brea McQueen (Miami University Hamilton), Anna Boutin-Cooper (Westfield State University) and Natalia Kapacinskas (University of Houston)  
Presentation (Google Slides)
Presentation (Padlet)
Presentation (Zotero Library)    

The Art of Asking Good Questions using the Question Formulation Technique
Presenters: Lori Townsend, Glenn Koelling, and Adrienne Warner (University of New Mexico)

The Discipline of Information Literacy: Changing the Conversation on Your Campus
Presenters:Clarence Maybee (Purdue University) and Karen Kaufmann (Seminole State College of Florida)

- Presentation (.pdf)

The Library Goes Hollywood: Using Theater in Education for Library Instruction and Information Literacy Principles
PresentersFabio Montella (Suffolk County Community College) and Vanessa Viola (New York Institute of Technology)

The Paper's Due Tomorrow!: Adapting Friday Night at the ER for Information Literacy
Presenter: Beth Carpenter (University at Buffalo)

The StudyWell Initiative: A Campus Partnership Promoting Student Wellness, Engagement, and Belonging at VCU Libraries
PresenterLaura Westmoreland Gariepy (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Presentation (.pdf)

The Sweet and Sour of Measuring the Teaching Self-Efficacy of Instruction Librarians
Presenters: David X. Lemmons and Maoria J. Kirker (George Mason University)

The Sweet Spot: Engaging Students Within the Learning Management System as an Embedded Librarian
Presenter: Christine E. Woods (Saint Leo University)

Presentation (.pdf)

Thriving in the Ucurve: Helping College Learners Learn via WICOR, ACRL Framework, and Purple Bricks  
Presenter: Joshua Salmans (Texas Tech University)

Turn on a Dime Instructional Design: Solving an Instructional Problem in 50 Minutes or Less
Presenters: Janna Mattson, Christopher Lowder, and David X. Lemmons (George Mason University) and Valerie Linsinbigler (James Madison University)
Presentation (Google Slides)  

Twice as Nice: Replicating Library Science Research on Academic Librarians' Teaching Identities and Work Experiences

Presenters: Sarah Burns Gilchrist (University of Baltimore) ; Brandy Whitlock (Anne Arundel Community College) ; Melissa D’Agostino (Cecil College) and Mariette Largess (University of Maryland Global Campus)

V.I.L.L.A.G.E. - Virtual Information Literacy Live Augmented Game Experience 
Presenter: Juan Denzer (Syracuse University)
Presentation (.pdf)  

"Wait, We're Drawing?": Treating First-Year Students to Making Art in the Library Orientation

Presenters:Ashley Roach-Freiman and Carl Hess (University of Memphis)


Worksheet (.pdf)    

Who Will Break the Code?: Deconstructing Hegemonic Messaging in Library Instruction Utilizing Hall's Framework of Encoding/Decoding  
Presenter: Rebecca Blunk (College of Southern Nevada)

Yes You Candy! Empowering Students on Academic Suspension through Differentiated Instruction
Presenters: Andrea Parton, Sierra Laddusaw, and Jason Byrd (University of Arkansas - Fort Smith)

Presentation (.pptx)

You Got Transformative Learning in My Critical Pedagogy! Connecting Two Theoretical Perspectives to Inform Our Instructional Identities and Praxis
Presenter: Amanda Nichols Hess (Oakland University)  

Presentation (.pdf)

- Sources (.pdf)

Reflection Prompts (.pptx)