Breakout Session Recordings

A selection of breakout sessions, presented in Ypsilanti on May 6-7, 2022, were recorded and are listed here.

Listed alphabetically by title

Better Together: Academic Libraries and Campus Collaborations for Student Success (link)
Mallory Jallas, Jennifer Sharkey and Chris Worland (Illinois State University) - May 6, 2022

Bringing Disability into the Conversation: Creating Anti-ableist Community at Your Institution (link)
Elizabeth Novosel (University of Colorado, Boulder) and Paige Crowl (Oxford College at Emory UniversityMay 7, 2022

Building a Systematic Review Instruction & Research Support Program: An Instructional Framework (link)
Karleigh Riesen and Alex Boucher (University of Alabama) - May 7, 2022

Combatting "The Other" Pandemic: Building Campus and Community Alliances Towards an Anti-racist Information Literacy (link)
Alexandra Howard (University of Louisville) - May 7, 2022

Do Something, Say Something, Be Something: Harnessing the Power of Critique to Advance Information Literacy (link)
Kari D. Weaver (University of Waterloo) - May 7, 2022

Fun-Sized Learning: Partnering to Design an Engaging Information Literacy Scaffold for Online Programs (link)
Sarah Stevenson (Vanderbilt University) - May 7, 2022

Handle with Care: Pandemic Teaching Habits We Can and Should Continue in Person (link)
Leah Morin (Michigan State University) - May 7, 2022

Hearing the Silenced Voices: White Supremacy Culture and the CRAAP Test (link)
Ayanna Gaines (Woodbury University) - May 6, 2022

Information Literacy Integration that just Makes Sense: Strengthening Libraries partnership with First Year Writing (link)
Mariya Gyendina and Lindsay Matts-Benson (University of Minnesota) - May 6, 2022

Misinformation, Algorithms, and Privacy: Helping Students Situate IL Issues Within Wider Social, Cultural, Political, and Tech Contexts (link)
Elizabeth Ellis, Meghan Webb and Amanda Kaufman (Wake Forest University) - May 6, 2022

One Piece at a Time: A Model for Asynchronous Modular Library Instruction (link)
Jennifer Newman and Sarah Ward (Hunter College-CUNY) - May 6, 2022

Small Breaks: Reimagining an Information Literacy Course through the Lens of Critical Digital Pedagogy (link)
Andrea Brooks (Northern Kentucky University) - May 6, 2022

What's Your Research Personality? A New Way of Engaging Students in Resource and Service Discovery through a Homegrown App (link)
Troy Walker (Wayne Statue University) - May 7, 2022

When All You Have is a Hammer, Everything Looks like a LibGuide: Strengths, Limitations and Opportunities of the Teaching Tool (link)
Urszula Lechtenberg (University of Pittsburgh) and Helene Gold (New College of Florida) - May 7, 2022

You CAN Have It Both Ways: First-Year IL Instruction That Is Standardized AND Customized (link)
Loretta Spangler (McDaniel College) - May 6, 2022