Breakout Session Materials

A Tool in Your Toolkit: Teaching with Primary Sources
Heidi Gauder and Kayla Harris (University of Dayton)

- Presentation (.pdf)

- Handout (.pdf)

Authentic Information Literacy Assessment Without Burning Out
Ielleen Miller (Eastern Washington University)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Becoming More Visible: Re-Introducing Library Instruction during a Pandemic
Kel Hughes Jones (Waukesha County Technical College)

- Presentation (.pptx)

Better Together: Academic Libraries and Campus Collaborations for Student Success
Mallory Jallas, Jennifer Sharkey and Chris Worland (Illinois State University)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Blockchain Technology and the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy
Andrea Paganelli and Anthony Paganelli (Western Kentucky University)

Presentation (.pptx)  

Bringing Disability into the Conversation: Creating Anti-ableist Community at Your Institution
Elizabeth Novosel (University of Colorado, Boulder) and Paige Crowl (Oxford College at Emory University)

Building a Systematic Review Instruction & Research Support Program: An Instructional Framework

Karleigh Riesen and Alex Boucher (University of Alabama)
- Presentation (.pdf)

- Video portion of presentation by Lance Simpson (.mp4)

- Github Repository of presentation data (

Choose your own Research Adventure: Using Design Thinking to build an online tutorial focusing on Research as Inquiry
Stacy Brinkman and Samantha Hilton (University of California, Irvine)

- Presentation (.pdf)

- Tutorial (Google Sites)

Collaborative Information Synthesis: Information Literacy Instruction for Group Projects
Anne R. Diekema (Southern Utah University)

- Presentation (.pdf)

Combatting "The Other" Pandemic: Building campus and community alliances towards an anti-racist information literacy
Alexandra Howard (University of Louisville)

- Presentation (.pdf)

Continuous Improvement and Respect for People: Lessons Learned & Implemented from Studying the Toyota Production System's (TPS) Principles
Renee Kiner and Kelly Safin (University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg)

- Presentation (.pdf)

Developing Two Undergraduate Courses in Critical Information and Data Literacy to Advance New College Learning Outcomes
Amelia Kallaher (Cornell University)

- Presentation (.pdf)

Do Something, Say Something, Be Something: Harnessing the Power of Critique to Advance Information Literacy
Kari D. Weaver (University of Waterloo)

- Presentation (.pptx)  

Drafting an Assessment Plan for Your Instruction Program: Sustainably Assessing Information Literacy in an Undergraduate STEM Course
Clinton Baugess and Kevin Moore (Gettysburg College)

- Presentation (.pdf)

Drawing Outside the Lines: Workarounds for Integrating Instruction
Rebecca Eve Graff, Megan Heuer and Pam Pagels (Southern Methodist University)

Exploring the Evidence-Based Information Literacy Instruction Toolkit: Research-based narratives to fuel collaborative partnerships for learning
Brandon Patterson (University of Utah) and Anne R. Diekema (Southern Utah University)

- Presentation (.pdf)

From Credit Course to Tag Partnership: Delivering Customized Information Literacy Instruction
Vincci Kwong (Indiana University South Bend)

- Presentation (.pdf)

Fun-Sized Learning: Partnering to design an engaging information literacy scaffold for online programs
Sarah Stevenson (Vanderbilt University)

GLAMR-ous Partnerships: Creating Campus and Community Collaboration to Benefit Students
Irene Korber and Pamela Kruger (California State University, Chico)

Handle with Care: Pandemic teaching habits we can and should continue in person
Leah Morin (Michigan State University)

- Presentation (Google Slides)

Hearing the Silenced Voices: White Supremacy Culture and the CRAAP Test
Ayanna Gaines (Woodbury University)
- Presentation (.pptx)

How Library Instruction Prepared Me for Research Project Management
Vandy Dubre (University of Texas at Tyler)

- Presentation (.pptx)

I am (not) Becky: Critically exploring whiteness and gender in higher education library instruction
Rebecca Blunk (College of Southern Nevada)

Improving Instruction & Research Support for Graduate Students: A Mixed Methods Needs Assessment
Karleigh Riesen (University of Alabama)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Influencers, Info Lit, and Learning by Doing: Approaching Setbacks and Failures in the Semester-Long Classroom
Grace Therrell (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
- Presentation (Google Slides)

Information Literacy integration that just makes sense: Strengthening Libraries partnership with First Year Writing
Mariya Gyendina and Lindsay Matts-Benson (University of Minnesota)

Joining Forces: When Libraries and Career Centers Collide
Alyssa Young and Lindsey Scott (James Madison University)

- Presentation (.pptx)

Just in Case: Utilizing Case Based Instruction to Teach Information Literacy
Alyson Vaaler and Jillian Eslami (Texas A&M University)

Knocking Down Deficit Teaching: Practical Methods and Tools to Build on Student Knowledge in Library Instruction
Dory Shaffer and Jennifer Sams (Michigan Tech University)

- Presentation (.pdf)

Misinformation, Algorithms, and Privacy: Helping Students Situate Information Literacy Issues Within Wider Social, Cultural, Political, and Technological Contexts
Elizabeth Ellis, Meghan Webb, Amanda Kaufman (Wake Forest University)  

- Presentation (.pptx)

- Works Cites & Additional Resources (.docx)

New Partners: Research Librarians, Educational Technologists & Student Peer Tutors
Glynis Asu and Alex Wohnsen (Hamilton College)

- Presentation (.pdf)

One Class, Two Viewpoints: Librarian and Instructor Perspectives on Shifting Information Literacy Instruction Online
Norah Mazel (University of Colorado Colorado Springs)
- Presentation (.pptx)

One Piece at a Time: A Model for Asynchronous Modular Library Instruction
Jennifer Newman and Sarah Ward (Hunter College-CUNY)

- Presentation (.pdf)

Our Stories have Value: Creating Community through a Course-Integrated Living Library
Megan E. Welsh and Jennifer Pacheco (University of Colorado Boulder)

Partners in Research: Pedagogical Approaches to Undergraduate Research Experiences in LIS
Hailley Fargo (Northern Kentucky University) and Rosalinda Hernandez Linares (Fort Lewis College)

Perceived Authority, Real Consequences: Research-informed practices to teaching students about authority & misinformation
Camille Abdeljawad (Park University)

- Presentation (.pptx)  

Positioning for Presence: Utilizing Campus-Wide Involvement to Advance Library Instruction

Pam Gladis (Southwest Minnesota State University)

- Presentation (.pptx)

Privacy and Learning Analytics: Considerations in Assessment
Lisa Hinchliffe (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and Kyle Jones (IUPUI)

Reading Remodel: Revamping Information Literacy Instruction to Encompass Critical Reading
Catherine Lantz, Annie Armstrong and Glenda Insua (University of Illinois Chicago)

- Presentation (.pptx)
- Handout (.docx)

Rethinking Research Consultations: Adding Critical Reflection and Increasing Metacognitive Awareness
Jess O'Toole (Georgetown University)

- Presentation (.pptx)

Rosie the Riveting Storyteller: Using A No-Coding-Necessary Interactive Game in your Instruction and Outreach
Amber Sewell (UNLV)

- Presentation (Canva)
- Twine Resources (Google Drive)

Scale or Fail: Reinventing a Successful Program Before It's Too Late
Amanda McCollom and Meg Grotti (University of Delaware)
- Presentation (.pptx)
- Worksheet (.docx)

Small Breaks: Reimagining an Information Literacy Course through the Lens of Critical Digital Pedagogy
Andrea Brooks (Northern Kentucky University)

- Presentation (.pdf)

Smashing Your Silo: Networking with High School Librarians to Support Students Transitioning to College
Stephanie Hallam, Elizabeth Rudloff and Mary Bangert (Southeast Missouri State University)
- Presentation (Canva)

Social Media, the Public Sphere, and the Rhetoric of Information Evaluation
Lane Wilkinson (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)

- Presentation (Google Slides)

Tactical Intelligence for Encountering Veterans in the Classroom
Sarah LeMire and Stephanie Graves (Texas A&M University) and Gerald Natal (University of Toledo)

- Presentation (Google Slides)

The Building Blocks of Personalization: Breaking Down Algorithms & the Attention Economy
Alexandria Chisholm (Penn State Berks)

The Doctor Will See You Meow: Contextual Authority via Problem Based Learning (And Cat memes)
Sam Zelick  and Kiana Webster (University of North Carolina Wilmington)
- Presentation (.pptx)
- Handout (.docx)
- Facilitator Guide (.docx)
- Reference List (.docx)

There and Back Again: Adapting Active Learning Instruction from In-Person to Remote to In-Person Once More

Amanda Wheatley (McGill University)
- Presentation (.pdf)

Trading Spaces: Re-imagining Library Instruction Using Disciplinary Signature Pedagogies
Jennifer Ditkoff (Community College of Baltimore County) and Virginia Seymour (Savannah College of Art and Design)

- Presentation (.pdf)

- Handout (.pdf)

Using H5P to Venture Far with The BRIDGE's Entrepreneurship Open Learning Series Research 101 Modules
Sarah Shujah (University of Toronto Scarborough)

What Does ART Say? Creating an Annual Report of Teaching
Jane Hammons and Stephanie Founds (Ohio State University)

What's Your Research Personality? A new way of engaging students in resource and service discovery through a homegrown quiz app
Veronica Bielat and Troy Walker (Wayne State University)
- Presentation (.pdf)

When All You Have is a Hammer, Everything Looks like a LibGuide: Strengths, Limitations and Opportunities of the Teaching Tool
Urszula Lechtenberg (University of Pittsburgh) and Helene Gold (New College of Florida)

- Presentation (Google)

When Librarians Can't Be in the Classroom, Bring in the Professors! A new e-Workbook for support of native course content
Mari Kermit-Canfield and Paul Zube (Ferris State University)

Who's Got The Power?: Claiming and Distributing Power Through Design Justice
Annie Dempsey (College of Wooster), Lisa Morrison (Denison University), Elizabeth Sullivan (Oberlin College),Shannon Simpson (Kenyon College), Alonso Avila (Oberlin College) and Elizabeth Lang (Ohio Wesleyan University)

Why This "Citation Obsession?" An examination of nursing faculty perceptions, and what librarians can do about it
Dianna E Sachs (Western Michigan University)

Yes-And/Or/Not: Information Literacy and Instruction Through an Improvisational Lens
 Jay A. Edwards (University of Oklahoma)

- Presentation (.pdf)

You CAN Have It Both Ways: First-Year IL Instruction That Is Standardized AND Customized
Loretta Spangler (McDaniel College)

- Presentation (.pdf)

- Notetaking Guide (.pdf)

2021 FYS1 (.pptx)

2021 FYS1 Lesson Plan (.doc)

2021 FYS1 Notetaking Guide (.pdf)

- 2022 FYS2 (.pptx)

- 2022 FYS2 Lesson Plan (.doc)

- 2022 FYS2 Notetaking Guide (.pdf)