Proceedings Guidelines - 2022

Due dates for submitting your paper to be included in the Proceedings:

  • Friday, April 29, 2022 (Presentations and Lightning Talks)
  • Friday, May 27, 2022 (Interactive Workshops)

Talks accepted for LOEX 2022 will be physically published in Library Orientation Series No. 55 and after a year (if not earlier) they will be available to all, electronically, via LOEX's website. Authors are free to publish/post copies of their approved paper in their institutional repositories or similar. Handouts can be included in the proceedings, in the body or as appendices, but PowerPoint slides will not. 

  • Use this Word template (.docx) as your base. All articles should be based on this template in order to ensure proper formatting for publication.
  • Use 10 pt, Times New Roman Font for the text body.
  • Include a cover page in your Word document. This page should have the article's title, along each author's name, job position, institution and mailing address. Also, provide keywords (up to 10) of your choosing.
  • No abstract is required or expected.
  • Your summary article should be no more than 2500 words; this limit does not include the cover page, nor does it include any reference list, appendices, tables, or graphics (these elements are limited to approximately 3 pages).
  • APA for in-text citations and reference list (7th or 6th edition, your choice)
  • Submit your proceedings article, based on the Word template above, via e-mail attachment to 

Find all this information, and more, on this checklist (.pdf).

- If you would like to see an example proceedings submissions, see here or here.

Questions? Please contact Brad Sietz.