Online Payment for LOEX 2021

This page is NOT where you register; that opens for non-presenters on February 12, 2021.
This is only for payment for the online conference for those who have been confirmed as registrants by LOEX.

***You can pay for the items in your cart by 1) credit card or 2) using your PayPal account. Use of PayPal is NOT required; if you have a question email LOEX.

After selecting your registration type, be sure to list the "Name(s) of LOEX Attendees" for whom you are paying in the field below. This will ensure we match your payment to the attendee (e.g., if the name on the card is different and/or you are paying for more than one person).

Please select from the drop-down below *and* list the name(s) of ALL the attendees: