Lightning Talk Proposals

***Information about Lightning Talk Proposals will be released in late November***  

The LOEX 2022 Conference Planning Committee invites you to submit lightning talk proposals for consideration to the 50th Annual LOEX Conference in Ypsilanti, MI.

Instruction librarians must consistently reinvigorate themselves, their students, and the community as a whole. How has your leadership empowered colleagues and affected change? What tool have you used in a new and/or particularly effective way? How have you worked with colleagues to facilitate transitions to new models of teaching? Have you implemented successful professional development programs that inspired change in cultures and attitudes? Maybe your idea is best suited for a Lightning Talk!

A small, but fun part of the LOEX conference are the Lightning Talks, which are a great way to share ideas and best practices that don't warrant a full-blown breakout session. Topics can be practical implementations or conceptual ideas, and they should showcase effective practices or highlight new projects in various stages of development.