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First-time Attendee Orientation

Never attended LOEX before? Want to meet some other new people? Attend this short event to learn some basic information about LOEX: 

  • background on the organization
  • the history of the conference
  • brief testimonials from at least one multiple-time attendee
  • and a review of the LOEX 2018 conference folder & materials

The event will end with a brief Q&A and will be led by Brad Sietz (Director of LOEX) at the conference hotel.

All first-timers, come on and join us! 

Attendance Details
- There is no need to RSVP for this session. 

- This orientation is not required for first-time attendees; it is simply offered as a service for those first-time attendees who would like information in a more structured, guided setting before the conference. 

- Regardless of whether you attend this session or not, the Registration/Info desk will be open before and throughout the conference for any specific questions you might have along the way.